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If youre consideration pool automation then the Zodiac AquaLink should be the first system you look at. The AquaLink can be used on any pool or spa and in any combination as well, whether you want a remote control for your pool lights or a complete automation system for your pool the Zodiac AquaLink can do the job.

What do you want your AquaLink to do?

AquaLink can run up to 4 pumps and 4 automated valves (Actuator Valves) as well as up to 6 other auxiliary systems as well. If you currently have more than 4 pumps we can in all likelihood reduce savings for in you maintenance and power costs. Also consider that you usually connect your pool lights to 2 transformers, this still leaves you a minimum of 4 other powered items you can run.

Do you have a water feature with a manual valve? You can now automate it and have your water blade or water fall come on at the press of a button, rather than have to walk to the pool filter each time. Wouldnt that be nice?

When looking at saving power on your pool, the number of pool pumps you have is usually the first thing we try and reduce. For example you might have a pump for the pool filtration and a pump for your water feature. We can usually merge the 2 into one using an automated valve (Actuator Valve) and just one variable speed Zodiac E Pump which means you not only save on maintenance but you save on kilowatts per hour when the system is running.

Even on a 1 pump pool system we can usually reduce your power by using a variable speed pump, most static pumps or traditional pool pumps run on750 1500 watts of power which means you are burning around 20-40 cents per hour. With a Zodiac E Pump we can get this to as low as a 8 cents per hour, Zodiac E Pumps are also eligible for a rebate in Queensland at this time of $150.

Tariff 33 – Off Peak Power

Aqualink is suitable for Tariff 33 or offpeak power as the system has its own built in battery backup system.

AquaLink Installation – Free Site Inspections in Brisbane

When purchasing your Aqualink you need to ensure you are purchasing the power centre, the iAquaLink, the E Pumps you require and correct number of actuator valves, the Aqualink comes with 2 in a standard kit. You will also require a wireless network for the iAquaLink to communicate to the AquaLink power centre.

Before purchasing your pool filtration system will need to be inspected to make sure you are purchasing the correct Aqualink power board. At the same time we can estimate your power savings and ensure you get the right number of automated valves etc.

The power centre controls all the electrical elements of your pool and the iAquaLink talks to your home wireless network and responds to your phone or tablet. We will complete all your plumbing and filtration changes and liase with your electrician to the have the power centre wired in. Once wired in, we set up the network access for the iAquaLink and create all the settings to run your pool equipment right from your phone or tablet. The option to manage your pool via pc also means as a pool service company when you have a problem with your pool, you can call us and we can log in and see what is going on with your pool.

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