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Fixed Price Pool Maintenance in Brisbane

Fixed Price Pool Maintenance (Save Money with this service). We are now proud to announce our new �Fixed Price� swimming pool maintenance program. We are very good at cleaning pools, so well in fact, that we are willing to offer you Fixed Price Pool Maintenance Services

Our fixed price pool services are designed for busy people and quite often used by land lords and real estate agents. By using this service you can know in advance what your pool maintenance is going to cost. up to 12 months in advance

Fixed price pool maintenance includes the monthly pool service and the chemicals, which means there are no more trips to the pool shop to buy lots and lots of chemicals and there are no outrageous bills for keeping your pool looking great.

Our standard rate for a 50 000L in ground pool is $105 including chemicals (inc GST)

To sign up for this service, your pool does require an initial service, during this service we will check all your pool’s equipment and bring your pool water up to scratch. This initial service does not include chemicals, spare parts or equipment; however we will tell you what if any costs are involved before putting you on this awesome program. Why not use a pool service that saves you money, month after month.

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