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Brisbane Pool Pump Repairs and Replacement

Does your pool pump need repairs?

Repairing a pool pump is not a big task, if your pool pump is noisy, louder then normal or perhaps its leaking water from around the middle of the pump. These are all signs that its time for a pool pump repair or possibly a new pump.

Pool Pumps are usually good for about 4-5 years and some will run as long as 10 years without you ever needing to spend any money on them.

Like most house hold items though, pool pumps do require repairs and preventative maintenance from time to time.

We do pump repairs in most suburbs in Brisbane, phone us on 1300 725 194 today.

Preventative Maintenance

There are several things you can do to ensure that your pool pump lasts as long as it can.

Make sure your pump lid is in good order. A visual inspection of the pump lid each time you empty the pump basket to make sure there are no cracks in the lid. Pump lids warp over time due to the pressures of the start-up and shutdown of the pump. You should replace a pool pump lid every 3-4 years.

Grease your pool pump lid oring. Greasing the oring will ensure that no air gets into the system. If air gets into the system, it can cause your pump to unprime and cause the pump to run dry which can damage the pump great.

Check for water leaking. Pumps are water tight, no pun intended, there should be no water leaking from your pump, if there is water leaking, it’s likely that the pump has blown the mechanical seal and its time for a repair.

If you have any of the issues listed above, your pool pump may need repairs, we give free quotes so call us today.

On-site repairs and spare parts also available Phone 1300 725 194

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