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Adding a pool blanket to your pool is one of the best ways to reduce the running costs of your pool. Pool blankets not only keep leaves and other debries from landing in the pool, they can reduce your water bill for the pool by up to as much as 95%. Pool blankets come in a range of colors and can be tailor made to suit any size pool. There are also a range of types of pool blankets based on thermal properties, there are blankets for indoor pools and blankets for outdoor pools that can not only cut water use but add up to as much as 8 degrees of free heat to the pool. Don’t worry, we also have kool covers as well which block out the sun entiretly and just keep the evaporation to a minimum.

  • Reduce your pool’s chemicals bill
  • Reduce water loss by 95%
  • Reduce your pool’s power bill
  • Keep out leaves and debrie
  • Add upto 8 degrees to the pool

We don’t mind if you want to install your new pool blanket yourself or if you want to have someone do it for you.

Our technichians are skilled at installing pool blankets and we carry all equipment on board to install your cover in one visit, neatly, leaving your pool with a great looking pool cover.

Order a Pool Blanket – Direct to your Door
Simply phone us on 1300 725 194 to order your pool blanket today. Tell us the dimensions of your pool and we will give you a price on the spot, pool rollers for your pool blanket are also available in a range from plastic budget rollers to power coated steel.

Our blankets and rollers are delievered direct to your door and typically delivered about 7-10 days after order.

Call today on 1300 725 194 and mention this page for 5% off your pool blanket.

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