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What type of pool maintenance do I need?

The majority of people get their pool maintained or their pool service on a monthly or fortnightly. This is often sufficient providing your pool has enough water and your filtration is running correctly. Maintaining your swimming pool doesn’t have to be a process. With our team of professionals taking care of your pool, your swimming pool can be virtually maintenance free.

General Pool Maintenance

Crystal Clear Pool Care specialize in general pool services in and pool maintenance in Brisbane. Whether you need a green pool cleaned up or you just need someone to check over your pool equipment, we have a service to help you.

On Site Water Testing

Regular Maintenance

Green Pool Clean-ups

Algae Treatment and Removals

Acid Washing

Pump Repairs and Replacement

Salt Chlorinator Repairs

Filtration Installation and Start ups

Pool Cleaner Installations

Salt Chlorinator Repairs

Filtration Installation and Start ups

Pool Cleaner Installations

New Pool Commissioning

Instructional Pool Handovers

Pre Purchase Pool Inspections

We have seen every kind of pool imaginable, we know sometimes that pools can get out of control, we like nothing more then undertaking your pool service needs and returning your pool to a pristine condition.

Flooded Pool Clean-up Specialists

If you’re pool has been effected by the floods, no doubt you are in a hurry to get your pool back into working order.

At Crystal Clear Pool Care we have all the equipment and staff ready and available to help you. Currently we are liaising with insurance companies and adjusting agencies to repair flooded and muddy pools as quickly as possible.

If you need a quote for your insurance company call us today on 1300 724 194

Can I treat my pool myself?

Yes, you can treat your pool, but there are a few things to consider first.

Don’t drain your pool if it is fibreglass as it will likely “pop” out of the ground (Phone us for more info)

Consider what has flowed into your pool, there could possibly be more than just mud in your pool, so treat with chemicals first or call us to discuss

Draining your concrete pool could damage the structure if you are in a low lying area, again feel free to consult with us first.

Flooded Pool Clean-up Specialists

Start by adjusting your PH to a level between 7-7.5

Add Chlorine to ensure good sanitation, a minimum of 20ppm is recommended

Add an algaecide to kill all plant (algae) and animal life (Pools along the river have been found to have fish in them)

Allow 24 Hours for the above to work

Adjust PH for floccing agent and add Floc

Allow 24-48 Hours for floccing to work through

Once floccing agent has worked assess materials in the bottom of pool

If mud only, vacuum to waste, if other waste is present please phone us

We have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks helping and advising people about how to care for the pool when the pool is flooded by mud and debris.

The advice we have given out over the phone is FREE.

It is our mission to help pool owners by giving them the correct advice, it only takes a phone call to ask, please don’t hesitate to call us, as we are only to happy to help.

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