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This section of our website is designed to help give you the best advice about your swimming pool. Collectively in our company we have over 60 years experience with pools and spas both concrete and fiberglass.

If you have a problem or would like to ask a question about your pool, please use the contact us form and we would be happy to help.

Kreepy Krauly Maintenance

Kreepy Krauly or automatic pool cleaner as they are sometimes called need servicing and maintenance just like everything else. On average a Kreepy Krauly will travel about 100km a month in an average size swimming pool. That’s a lot of grinding on the floor of the pool and it does take it’s toll on your Kreepy.

Most commonly your Kreepy will start to not perform in it’s movement through the pool. For example you may find it starts to stick in a particular corner or begins to go round in circles for no reason at all. Sometimes it can be caused by someone (Usually the Kids) altering the parts on the hose or machine itself.

But in this tip we are talking about general maintenance of your Kreepy to ensure that is does its best job of keeping your pool clean, so be on the lookout for the following things. Most commonly to wear out first on your kreepy is the Wearing Sole, this is part No 6 and its right at the bottom of the Diagram. A Wearing Sole will usually need replacing every 12 -18 months. The actual wear on the sole occurs because the sole is actually scrubbing and polishing the surface of the pool and this is particularly effective in a pebble or marble surfaced pool.

Pool Cleaning in Brisbane

Getting your pool cleaned is an import part of maintaining your pool equipment and the overall health of your swimming pool. When a pool servicman comes to check and service your pool, the following should be completed.

The following is the standard as presented by Crystal Clear Pool Care staff when undertaking your pool service.

The following is the standard as presented by Crystal Clear Pool Care staff when undertaking your pool service.

Visual inspection for Leaks

Empty Pump Basket

Grease pump lid o-ring

Clean and or check Salt Chlorinator

Check Timer is correct

Clean Filter medium (Backwash or remove and hose)

Check and grease all available orings

Complete the service by adding any necessary pool

chemicals then fill in report sheet to be left for customer.

Why use Kreepy Krauly Genuine Hose

There are many types of automatic pool cleaner on the market, pool cleaners that use a hose attached to the skimmer box on the side of the pool are generally known as suction cleaners.

The most famous of these suction cleaners of course is the house hold name Kreepy Krauly. A Kreepy will typically come with a 9-14m hose and its best to get a hose 1 meter longer then the length of the pool to start with, this will allow the machine to have an amount of slack so that it may move freely about the pool. It also gives you the opportunity to trim the hose later for finer tuning.

Kreepy Krauly hose is a super flexible vacuum hose that can be used on not only Kreepy Kraulys, but on most other pool cleaners are well.

The hose is actually 2 hoses in one and designed to flex far more then your standard vacuum hose. The reason that the hose requires more flex is because most pool cleaners are very light and if the hose is to rigid, it will not allow the Kreepy to drag the hose through the pool

While a complete Kreepy Krauly will cost between $700 -$900 depending on the model chosen, the spare parts are usually cheaper then some other main stream cleaners.

Life expectancy for a Genuine hose is about 5-8 years, your hose will last longer if you get your water balance tested regularly.

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