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Pool Automation is currently going ahead in leaps and bounds due to the availability of iPhone and portable devices.

Have you ever wanted to turn on your pool heating before you got home or perhaps set your pool up at the touch of a button, turning on pool lights, the spa air blower or the water feature without the need of going to the pool filter shed.� You can also monitor pool temps, pool filtration times, control swim or spa jets and even have your pool blanket roller automated. This type of pool automation is now possible and readily available at reasonable cost, being able to selectively control pool running times also means you can likely make power savings due to more selective running times.

Pool Automation � Easy Installation

Setting your pool up to be more automated is not hard; usually it requires an electronic control system to be added to your existing pool filtration, some plumbing and electrical wiring may be required as well as downloading an app onto your mobile phone or tablet devices.� Pool automation can also be operated from a pc, which means your pool service tech can also help control and review your pool automation at any time.

There are 3 main pool automation systems available in Australia to the domestic market and while we have access to all 3, we specialise in Zodiac Aqualink Pool and Spa controllers, but also have access to Viron by Astral and Intelli Touch by Pentair.

We find that the Zodiac Aqualink in our opinion is the easiest pool automation system to use Click Here to read more.

If you are considering changing any part of your pool filtration, it is fairly likely that there is some part of your pool we can automate for you today.

We offer installation and training on all our automated systems and normally require 15 minutes or less to give you the basics on your new system.

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